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Key Holding &

Alarm Response

Axis Security will act as the primary key holder responding to security alarm activations.

Countless businesses assign a member of staff as a designated key holder to open and close a business and respond to alarm activations. They essentially become ‘lone workers’ which comes with associated risks and responsibilities, especially from criminals looking to take advantage of a poorly secured site. Axis Security can step in to provide a cost-effective and reliable key holding and alarm response service to ensure that your property is always secure and never left in a vulnerable state.

Key Holding & Alarm Response Service

Keys are held in a secure environment that is fully compliant with BS7984 assuring businesses that customer keys or passcodes are in safe hands. In the event of an alarm activation, our 24-hour National Communications Centre is alerted of a site alarm and a fully trained and licensed uniformed security officer is quickly dispatched to your premises. Upon arrival, the security officer will carry out a patrol to determine the cause of the alarm, and check for any signs of damage or intrusion: fire, flooding, gas leaks, or unsecured windows and doors. Findings are reported to our Communications Centre and the necessary actions are taken in accordance with your company's escalation procedures. Thereby offering you a step-by-step quick and efficient key holding and alarm response service in the UK.

Emergency Repairs

If your premises have been broken into or suffered damage, we will ensure that agreed escalation procedures are actioned, these can include calling emergency services, police or contractors such as glaziers and locksmiths.

Keeping You Informed

Keys are returned to the secure facility, alarms are reset, and the customer will receive an electronic report of the incident, detailing findings, and how it was dealt with.

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