August Employee of the Month Winner is...

Congratulations to Matt Nealmes, Security Manager, for winning Employee of the Month.

Matt Nealmes helped improve the recycling rates at The Monument Building. He decided to keep an eye on things and sorted through each bag left by the compactor, the general waste and recycling.

In June 2019 The Monument Building achieved 76% recycling which was the highest figure on-site.

Recycling Year on Year at The Monument Building

Angela Patrick,Building Manager, The Monument Building - BNPPRE, commented:

“I just wanted to mention about the improvement in the recycling rates here at The Monument Building. The reason for these results is because of Matt Nealmes. He has been sorting through each bag left by the compactor and the general waste and recycling accordingly. It was something we were going to ask our cleaning team to do but Matt said he would keep his eye on things.

In June we achieved 76% recycling which is the highest figure on site (since records began). As you can see from the graph, year on year figures continue to improve! His input has been instrumental in the continued improvement.”

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