Awarded for Going the Extra Mile

The Board is celebrating with our first 'Going the Extra Mile' award winners lunch in Birmingham. A great way of recognising and saying thank you to some of the great people we have in our organisation.

Axis colleagues and customers put forward nominations of employees who consistently achieved amazing things in their jobs, and in return, the Board of Directors will take the well deserved winners out for a lunch.

Below are the nominations for Regional Lunch Winners:

Mike Johnson

Nominated by: Cliff Wynne Jones

"Mike shows continued professionalism on a day to day basis. His work ethic and reliability, combined with his attitude towards work is second to none. Mike was recently involved in an incident with a member of the public. As he waited to board and clean the train approaching the platform, he noticed that a gentleman was struggling to breathe. Mike used his first aid knowledge and guided him away from the platform. The gentle-man kept going in and out of consciousness and states of seizures. Mike kept the gentleman’s airways open and breathing whilst waiting for an ambulance. A well deserved extra mile!’’

Brian Stephenson

Nominated by: David Asquith, Richard Jemson, Family of Gill (onsite cleaner) ‘‘Brian was the duty security officer on shift the day one of the onsite cleaners fell ill. Brian was concerned that Gill, the cleaner, may collapse at anytime. Brian, along with the cleaning staff, seeked help via our control centre and an ambulance was called. Brian was on hand throughout the entire incident Gill was taken to hospital where her life was saved. Gill’s family, our client and Brian’s line manager and operations director wanted to thank Brian for acting in such a timely and compassionate manner. A real hero!’’

Jeanette Roberts

Nominated by: Ray Robertson, Mel McGee and clients Jenna Bellis and Lynn Roberts

Client feedback: ‘‘Jeanette is the Cleaning Manager at Wockharts at Wrexham. She is a valued member of the team (both Axis and Wockharts) and is the definition of the per-son who goes the ‘extra mile’. Jeanette is always looking for ways to improve, and make processes more effective. Jeanette has a great relationship on site and treats her staff well."

Manager Feedback:‘Jeanette consistently goes above and beyond her required job role and has a fantastic working relationship with our client, who has 100% confidence the contract with Axis is running well.’’

Emma Coomber

Nominated by: Nick Barnwell and client Lee Woolley

"Emma and her team (JCB Heavy Products) are outstanding in their performance, attitudes and possess a unique style of enthusiasm, which makes an enjoyable and highly productive working environment. The team that Emma manages attack tasks with unity, strength and vigor, as well as a cheerful nature. Their professional and practical approach lets them apply complex theories, develop an understanding of what they’ve learnt. They are led by a true leader. All of which are echoed by the client.’’

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