Axis Annual Award Winners

Christmas celebrations have gone virtual this year and we were delighted to be able to recognise the hard work and dedication of some of our amazing staff.

Our unedited video from our virtual Christmas employee awards; start at 7:02.

Well done to our amazing nominees, winners and organisers!

Congratulations to the winners. Details for national and London employee and team awards below:

  • ‘’Axis Security - National Team of The Year’’ - Sovereign Shopping Centre

  • ‘’Axis Security - National Employee of The Year’’ - Majid Ali – 2 Colmore Square JLL Midlands

  • ‘’Axis Security - London Team of the Year’’ – Stockley Park

  • ‘’Axis Security - London Employee of The Year’’ - Kim McCarron – 100 Wood Street

  • ‘’Axis Security Manager of The Year’’ – Ben Bishop

  • ‘’Dual Business Award’’ - CBRE – Akzo Nobel

  • ‘’Nick Lowe Charity Award’’ - Peter Ratcliffe – JCB

  • ‘’Support Person of The Year – 1st Place’’ – Stephanie Lovell

  • ‘’Support Person of The Year – 2nd Place’’ – Nimesh Amin

  • ‘’Support Person of The Year - 3rd Place’’ – Ashleigh Copley

  • ‘’Axis Security - Director of The Year’’ – Waleed Eltayib

  • ‘’Extra Mile Awards’’ – Ash Haq, Morgan Dean, Chelsea Szostak, Lucy Metcalfe, Luke Taylor, Robert Yorke, Stephanie Lovell, Mark Davies, Abdul Munim Khan, Majid Mahmood.

'Axis Security - National Team of The Year' - Sovereign Shopping Centre

Quote from the customer

I have been in the shopping centre, place management and leisure industry for over 30 years, and have had the pleasure of working with security teams from Barnstaple to Budapest! The Sovereign team, are without peer in my experience, nothing is too much trouble and the huge number of positive customer and tenant comments is testament to their commitment, passion for Weston and professionalism. In these trying times, with extra pressure, furloughing, agitated customers and concerned tenants, they continue to deliver in spades.

They are led, without doubt, by the truly exceptional Mark Green, who is the best ever. He goes well beyond his role to deliver excellence. They are the best, simply the best!

'Axis Security - National Employee of The Year' - Majid Ali – 2 Colmore Square JLL Midlands

Quote from the customer

"...You can quickly understand the type of person Maj is by asking literally anyone in my building, they all know who is he and will always respond to you with a warmness like they are talking about a member of their family, they always say things like what a lovely man he is, how helpful and courteous. It doesn’t stop with occupiers, and Maj knows too well that service delivery as a management team is the fundamental backbone of our building and whilst he delivers this impeccably, he also expects it of his immediate team. He will strive to ensure they come to work each day and fulfil their obligations, professionally and courteously and will mitigate any imperfections as part of this. He truly gets the best out of them and pulls the team together...

...I have absolute faith and trust to let him deal with the Landlord and their associates, occupiers and contractors in my absence and hold any information in confidence, Maj is not just a security supervisor to me but more of a right-hand man. If there is anyone more deserving of an award of this stature it’s Maj."

'Axis Security London Team of the Year' – Stockley Park Estates Co Ltd (MAPP)