Axis Group Invests in New Health & Safety Technology

The Axis Group, one of the UK’s fastest growing security, cleaning, front-of-house and support services organisations, is further enhancing its health and safety compliancy with a new incident reporting service – reportline from Santia.

The aim of the new initiative, which holds the strapline ‘A Safe Work Place is no Accident’ and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is to make it quicker and easier to report incidents, including ‘near misses’ and minor issues, and learn lessons accordingly. Reducing risk in the workplace also provides Axis with a defence against legal compensation claims.

All Axis employees can use Reportline for all accidents, near misses, occupational diseases, fires, dangerous occurrences, environmental incidences, security breaches, and official visits, (for example from local authorities, the SIA and health and safety executives).

Tracey Hammond, Health and Safety Manager, says Reportline replaces the current paper-based reporting system: “The move will encourage a culture where incidents are habitually reported as quickly as possible, by telephone. This enables managers to be made aware of the incident very quickly in order to act and investigate. This ultimately helps us to ascertain the cause of the incident and where necessary take action to prevent it from happening again.”

The initiative guides employees through a defined process whereby: the area is made safe, removing any potential hazards; injuries are dealt with, seeking first aid if required; facts on who, what, why, where, when and how are established; and crucially a call is then made to Reportline, where professionally trained staff will go through a list of questions designed to help detail key information. Photographs can also be emailed and attached to the incident record.

If further action is required an alert is emailed directly to the supervisor or line manager and health and safety manager. In the event of serious injury the Health and Safety Manager will attend the scene to assist with an investigation at the earliest opportunity.

“There has been a good response to the system with a greater number of incidents reported in first month that Reportline went live,” continues Tracey. “We have a duty of care to our employees, our clients, and the general public to ensure that all incidents are reported so we can provide the safest environments possible. I believe the significant uplift in reports is a sign of an improved culture that will support this goal and further best practice.”