Axis Group supports the ''Service with Respect'' campaign

Launched by the Institute of Customer Service to prevent essential customer service workers from being subjected to abuse, the campaign not only aims to raise awareness on the issues that key workers are currently facing, but also encourages organisations to take action.

Research conducted by the Institute highlights that more than half of customer-facing staff have experienced abuse - verbal and physical - from customers since the start of the pandemic.

Jonathan Levine, Axis Group CEO, says the health and wellbeing of Axis employees remains a top priority: “Workers fulfilling a customer service should always feel supported by their employer, and this becomes even more important during tough times,” he says.

“Throughout the pandemic our brilliant security officers and cleaning operatives - like all the essential workers - have done a spectacular job in keeping everyone safe and they will continue to do so. But their jobs can be challenging, especially now, as they are invariably the people responsible for actioning Government guidance around social distancing, for example, which requires them to ask customers to change their behaviour.

“By supporting the ‘Service with Respect’ campaign we will be combining the efforts of many other organisations and helping to raise awareness of the zero-tolerance approach to hostility and abuse directed towards customer service workers.”

Axis Group will also continue to support front-line staff to ensure any incidents of hostility or abuse are reported. It is similarly investing in appropriate training to enable staff to deal with potential conflicts as they arise.

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