Axis Security Officers Awarded for their Outstanding Work

The fifth ACS Pacesetters Achievements Awards Lunch took place on Wednesday, 23rd May, at Royal Windsor Racecourse.

This annual lunch, run by FM Contract Watch, is a recognised event in the security guarding calendar. Each member company attending was presented with a 2018 ACS Pacesetters Award to recognise the fact that they have achieved an SIA ACS score in the top 15% of all accredited companies. Axis Security’s last audit in November 2017 was very successful achieving +174. This score secures Axis in the top 1% of ACS contractors.

The highlight of the day was the Security Officer of Distinction Awards which were presented to Security Officers who have excelled in their duties and, at times, risked their own safety to save others.

See Axis Security winners and more photos from the day below:

Nicola Powell

Nicola Powell

Nicola, Axis Security Officer based at Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, was carrying out a site patrol at 4.30 am on a November morning when she was informed of a young child in the nearby bus stop. Nicola approached the girl, who was about 10 years old, who informed her she was running away to London. Being a very cold morning, Nicola invited the girl into the office for a hot drink and was able to get the girls details. The Police and girl’s mother were contacted. It was found that this young girl had befriended someone online and this person had paid for her bus ticket to London. Her family knew nothing of this or her disappearance at the time and the consequences could have been catastrophic had it not been for Nicola’s actions.

Scott Forsyth and Aminul Chowdury


Scott and Aminul, Axis Security Officers based at Woking Shopping Centre, prevented a male from committing suicide in this busy area on Christmas eve. As the Officers engaged him in conversation, he stated he wanted them to evacuate children from the area; but the adults to witness his death. He then started to count indicating he was about to jump. He refused to speak to the Police when they arrived at the scene. Scott and Aminul then tackled the male and wrestled him to the ground. As they all fell Aminul was punched in the face, but he refused to release his grip. The victim was then handcuffed and transported to the Police station for assessment under the Mental Health Act.

Whilst we congratulate the winners, we should not forget the other Axis Security nominees: Gary Ebejer at the Maltings Shopping Centre and Luke Radford at 99 Bishopsgate. We believe they would have all been worthy winners.