Axis Security Services is proud to support the Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018

As a leading security service provider, we are committed to aiding our clients with the design, implementation, testing and delivery of their Business Continuity Plans.

In an increasingly uncertain world, an organisation’s resilience in managing the impact of a significant incident and return to normal business operations, is crucial and requires involvement from all disciplines within that organisation, including its service providers and suppliers so that a collaborative approach to Business Continuity Management can be achieved.

Through our risk management team, we can support our clients in analysing the risks to their business, designing control measures to mitigate these or procedures that assist in the quick and efficient response when something does go wrong.

Together with our operations team, these plans can be trained and implemented so that they form an integral part of our clients’ strategic business objectives. And with the our available resources, we are able to deliver workshops and table top exercises so that our client’s Business Continuity Plan can be tested and embedded in to the organisation’s culture.

Additionally, our compliance team, is able to assist clients with achieving ISO: 22301.

Axis Security Services Ltd, along with our Partners and through its connection to the Business Continuity Institute, is able to provide knowledge, guidance and support to any organisation that is considering its own resilience and business continuity model. Please contact the compliance team if you would like to know more about our services or to discuss how a workshop may be able to support your requirements.

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