Celebrating Women In Security - Katherine Sarling

Katherine Sarling was promoted to Shift Supervisor at Woking Shopping Centre where her skills and attributes are demonstrated every day.

Katherine is a true inspiration to her team who respect, appreciate and admire her leadership skills, this is shown in their day-to-day performance and enthusiasm on site.

Katherine has helped with several incidents - she assisted with a female that was non-responsive in a car and Kat was one of two officers that had to force entry into the car where she found the female not breathing. Kat performed CPR until Paramedics arrived.

In a separate incident, Kat received a letter from the Police in October 2020 that states she is being awarded a Chief Constables Commendation in recognition of her bravery when trying to save an elderly male after he crashed his car on the loading bay ramp.

Kat is a focused, hardworking, logical thinking team player with characteristics that help her be successful in her job. Kat genuinely enjoys her role and responsibilities with all the challenges they bring, she is well organised, responsible and accountable for her actions, but most of all she is someone who loves helping others.

Not only has she received a promotion, but Kat has also won the opportunity to be sponsored by Silverback Security Academy for a Security Management course. Kat was one of many female officers put forward for this fantastic opportunity to have the chance to complete a security management course worth thousands of pounds and to help her progress in her chosen career. All applicants placed forward by Axis and other security companies had to write a cover letter then be interviewed by a number of interviewers, all of who found her to be a fantastic candidate they wanted to sponsor. Top credit to Kat who thoroughly deserves this opportunity and we have all faith that she will pass the course.

There have been many compliments from clients of Savills and Woking Borough Council, to members of the public on her professionalism, her actions, politeness and positivity. There is more that could be written about this lady who is truly a credit to herself and Axis Security since she stepped foot into her role two years ago.

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