Celebrating Women In Security - Kim McCarron

Kim McCarron, Security Manager, has transformed her security team, developing each member to reach their full potential.

Kim McCarron, Security Manager, came to us after a period of instability at a client site. For various reasons, we had rotated two security managers from the site and the team was without clear leadership. The officers are long-serving but under previous managers had not seen the guidance and development they needed at site-level, leaving them set in their ways, reluctant to change and demoralised.

Kim undertook the challenge with vigour, enthusiasm and a mindset to succeed; placing her focus on developing the officers to their true potential.

It is often difficult to manage change in a team so well established and set in their ways, however, Kim has an excellent management style and approached the task with a focus on motivation and investment in people.

Kim called for funding for a site-based officer of the month award - supplied by the client. She undertook a project to improve the working environment for the officers by securing client funds for a complete redecoration of the rest area with new furniture and facilities as well as ensuring staff nominations and awards were celebrated with monthly pictures with the senior management team and a mention in the monthly client report and tenants’ update.

There has been a noticeable shift in the atmosphere and attitude of the site team. The team is now motivated and engaged and can see the benefit of someone willing to invest in them as individuals.

The team has performed above and beyond under Kim’s leadership. Credit to them for embracing change for the better and understanding that each team member has a voice and is responsible collectively rather than individually for the solution, and praise to Kim for being the catalyst and patient leader able to facilitate this change.

The client Nathan Mansfield, BNP comments:

“Kim has done a brilliant job of taking the site team forward via exceptional management and leadership. She’s changed the whole feel of the security team, making them more approachable and pleasant group for all of the building users to deal with and improved massively on the levels of customer service provided to the tenants. Comments from tenants have been overwhelmingly positive, citing Kim for the very positive change to the way the building is run. Kim deserves to be recognised for this by her peers as a true example of how to manage, and lead, a team in difficult circumstances.”

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