Congratulations to our April Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Luke Radford, Site Supervisor at 99 Bishopsgate, Brookfield.

Luke was made aware of a topless man who looked worse for wear on the stairwell from the building who was laying down as Luke approached. Luke spoke to him and another homeless man who said he had taken too many tablets. During this time, the Control Room contacted the Police

The man eventually made his way to the bridge over looking Wormwood Street and attempted to get over the railings. Luke stopped him from doing this and tried to talk him into coming across back to the stairs. Once he was heading back, the man then again tried to jump over the rails saying he was going to jump, Luke again grabbed him and moved him to the safety of the walkway and the Police. The man was known to the Police as having a history of drug abuse so was taken to hospital for treatment.

John Sephton, Fire & Security Manager, comments:

“Luke’s quick thinking meant the man had not suffered any physical injury, and prevented a scenario where it could have been more serious had he successfully fell from the bridge to the busy street level below, well done Luke for your quick thinking and actions.”

Amanda Hitchcock, General Manager, comments:

“An amazing act of courage and strength displayed by Luke. His good sense of judgement helped a person desperately in need. Such a selfless act to respond the way Luke did. There is no amount of training that can prepare you for these types of incidents so to respond in this manner fills we me with great pride. I am honoured to have him on the team.”