Congratulations to our January Employees of the Month

Congratulations to three of our security officers: Scott Forsyth and Aminul Chowdhury based at Woking Shopping Centre, and Gary Ebejer at The Maltings.

Scott Forsyth and Aminul Chowdury helped prevent a suicide over the Christmas holidays:

"After a struggle involving Scott, Amin and two Police Officers, a member of the public was restrained before being transported to the Police station for an assessment under the Mental Health Act. Throughout the incident, the individuals proximity to the handrail, his agitated state, his large build and clear threat that he would commit suicide imminently, meant that both Scott and Amin were in immediate danger of falling from the 4th floor if they attempted to physically restrain him. Based upon my own experience in many similar situations I believe that the bravery and considered actions of both Scott and Amin undoubtedly saved this persons life.

Paul Daykin, Security Manager Woking Shopping Centre.

Gary Ebejer helped prevent a suicide at the Maltings car park

“Gary found a young lady self-harming with a knife sitting on the edge of the multi-story car park at Sainsbury’s and threatening to jump off. Gary was calm and decisive and his actions have enabled him to seek support from the Security Officer at Sainsburys and request the police attend, all without alerting the young lady or distressing her further. He talked with her as best he could under the circumstances and acted without putting himself or anybody else in danger. As a result this lady was pulled from the edge by the Police and detained. Hopefully this individual is now getting the help that she needs.

Well done Scott, Aminul and Gary!

If you or anyone you know is thinking about suicide, please seek help:

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