Congratulations to our June Employees of the Month

Congratulations to Geoff Cuthbert, Security Supervisor at Sanderson Weatherall Building 3, and Sadaqat Liaqat at Red Rose Shopping Centre.

Geoff Cuthbert, Security Supervisor at Sanderson Weatherall Building 3.

Geoff has been put forward for employee of the month as the service he has provided to both the client and tenants on site has been highly praised. He is making a great contribution in how he conducts himself and the needs of all tenants.

Nige Ratchford, Regional Facilities Manager, comments:

“Geoff’s quality is above the average officer which is down to his positive attitude whilst understanding expectations of his role and how this is applied to his duties which is important when dealing with our clients, tenants and their visitors."

Liam Mail, Regional Accounts Sales Manager, comments:

Geoff is a superstar – he is polite, extremely helpful and firm when he needs to be which are all great attributes.”

Sadaqat Liaqat, Site Supervisor, Red Rose Shopping Centre.

Sadaqat has been praised for his dedication and support in the Red Rose Shopping Centre. He has also helped return £3000 worth of products taken from Wilko and been praised for keeping the centre safe in terms of health and safety.

Paul Wright, Manager at Wilko Retail, Red Rose Centre, comments:

“Sadaqat has been responsible for the return of over £3000 worth of goods that had been taken from the branch by non-paying customers. He also has a deterrent quality that is hard to measure as non-paying customers will not enter the centre when they know he is on duty. In addition, he spends time ensuring the centre is safe from a health and safety aspect for both tenants and customers. I cannot speak more highly of his dedication, support and co-operation with the business’s that currently resides in the Red Rose Centre."

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