Congratulations to our May Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Andrew Burke, Assistant Site Manager at 123 Buckingham Palace Road, Metrus.

Andrew Burke was informed by a member of the security team that there was an elderly lady in a bad way sat outside of Subway. Andrew and another officer attended and were told by the lady’s husband that she had tripped on a sunken paving slab outside the entrance to Victoria Station. The lady had fallen and cut both her knees and hands.

Security used first aid wipes to clean the cuts, applied plasters and then called for a paramedic. The couple expressed concern that they didn’t want to wait for a paramedic as they had tickets with National Express to travel to Bournemouth. Andrew took their tickets to the National Express office, and with their consent, changed them for a later train.

The paramedic arrived and after various tests, the lady was cleared by him to travel and left with her husband to go to the coach station.

Richard Goudie, MRICS Associate - Metrus, comments:

“Some great work here by the security team and they have gone over and above in this instance."


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