Our December Employee of the Month Winner is...

Congratulations to Paulina Ladino Virguez, Security Officer at Sea Containers for winning Employee of the Month.

Paulina received some very positive feedback assisting with the post room during a very busy period for Black Friday and the Christmas period. She was calm, helpful and also covered a number of shifts during this busy period.

Sarah Burns, Building Manager, comments:

The post room has been absolutely inundated with deliveries over the last couple of weeks – Black Friday madness lasted for around a week – add that to the ever growing amount of deliveries due to the run up to Christmas. During this period, she has kept a cool head, remained ever courteous, polite and ran the post room like clockwork.

She has also covered many additional shifts at weekends over the last month due to holiday/sickness. She has the upmost respect from the tenants/couriers at Sea Containers, Puma especially are always very impressed with the customer service delivery constantly displayed."

Well done Paulina!

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