Hitting Back at Cancer

Well done to our Assistant Account Manager, Ben Bishop, who took part in a boxing match at the London Ultra White Collar Boxing event to help raise £20 million for Cancer Research UK.

"To do something I had never done before and raise money and awareness for Cancer Research and at the same time get fit, make my children and family proud, but most of all I wanted to do it for me. I have always liked the idea of training and exercise but have never really committed myself. I am now enjoying training and any spare time I do get I am either in my garage hitting the punch bag or out on a run. I have enjoyed the discipline that comes from boxing, if you do not commit you do not get to continue with the training. I had to attend training every Monday and Wednesday over the 8 week period and the coach always pushed us and when we said we had had enough he would say you have at least 10% more you can give, and he was right! Going every week was a real challenge with work and family commitments but I am proud to say I did it.

I now feel I have the confidence and passion to stay training and have just joined a local amateur boxing club. I have also signed my daughter up for lessons.

• This experience has changed me for the better.

• I have learnt that exercise can be fun

• It has opened my eyes and made me feel that anything is possible.’’

The event raised £21,463 for Cancer Research UK with Ben putting up a good fight and raising £740!

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