Our January Employee of the Month Winner is...

We are pleased to announce that we have four winners this month! Congratulations to Security Officers: Ali Ahmed, Ricky Layton, Gavin Andrews and Uya Kaninda.

On Wednesday the 22nd January, three security officers (Ali, Ricky & Gavin) apprehended a burglar who attempted to steal from a jewellery stand at a shopping centre in Romford.

The male was seen jumping over the retail stand, forcing jewellery drawers and cabinets open and filling his pockets. The male was stopped on Level 1 by Ali and taken up the escalator where the male attempted to run away, but officers Ricky, Gavin and Ali restrained the male.

The police informed the officers to take the male to the station as they did not have anyone available. The approximate value of goods recovered totalled £1,600.

The male was known to police as a repeat offender. Ali and Gavin both stayed two hours over there allocated time to ensure that the tenant received their goods back. The male was arrested by police and will now await trial. All the goods were recovered.

Uya Kaninda saved a man’s life who had a heart attack on a clients site.

At 6 am, Uya spotted a man on the car park floor in pain on the CCTV camera. He immediately went to his aid. The man said he was having a heart attack.

Uya rang for an ambulance and with aid of one of the man’s colleagues made the man as comfortable as possible, reassuring him that the Paramedics were on the way.

It was later confirmed that the man had another heart attack on the operating table at the hospital. The hospital said that had he not have been spotted so quickly, he probably would have passed away in the car park.

The Client Building Manager commented:

“A massive well done to Uya from all of the "Client" Management team for his vigilance, reactions and calmness in a very difficult situation.”

A massive well done to all four of our security officers!

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