Leading By Example-Axis Manager Goes The Extra Mile

Corinne Szmaglik has been a key part of the Axis JLL SW Account Management team since the account was awarded to Axis in 2015. Corinne has a great knowledge of the sites and staff associated with the contract and is a vital part of making the contract as successful as it is.

Her obvious organisational skills and commitment aside, the one vital attribute that Corinne has in abundance is her compassion and unwavering support for her staff. This was clearly demonstrated this weekend whilst on shift as Duty Manager.

A member of staff had gone off sick with COVID-19 previously. Corinne was aware that this member of staff lived alone and was conscious that over and above the duty of care which we have as an employer, she wanted to ensure that she offered her support.

Corinne had kept in regular phone contact with the employee over the weekend, they had been very appreciative of the contact, but had felt their symptoms worsening. On Monday morning Corinne rang to check-in and the employee was clearly in a much-worsened state. Corrinne advised the employee to ring for an ambulance.

Corinne had a subsequent call with a local Supervisor, who had voiced a concern that when he had spoken to this employee earlier, he was in a poor way and had then failed to respond to a follow-up call. Corinne attempted a follow-up call, with no reply, so immediately instructed the local Supervisor to make their way to his home address to check on him.

Upon arrival, the ambulance was also on site. The Supervisor spoke with the crew and member of staff and confirmed that he was going to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Corinne’s focus on supporting the staff within her care and going the extra mile meant that the employee received prompt treatment and is now improving. This is an excellent example of the values we all wish to demonstrate and breed within our organisation, well done and thank you.

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