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Axis Security has launched Axis e-Connect, a bespoke online platform that helps clients to significantly enhance the levels of control, management and understanding of services being delivered, as well as providing a portal for employees’ current and future training and development.

Launched after a successful pilot, Axis e-Connect is not a single ‘product’, but rather a suite of seven portals, including dedicated areas for KPI management, incident management, site documentation and company forms.

The live KPI portal, for example, provides real time information that can be further analysed and interrogated and a level of transparency that is unparalleled within the industry. Detailed reports are available alongside trend analysis, which is especially insightful for those clients managing multiple sites. Red and amber alerts are also tagged to any site causing concern, and flagged to the senior management team.

Similarly, the Axis Incident Management (AIM) portal also offers real time information with all recorded incidents being automatically emailed from Axis e-Connect to the relevant team members at Axis Security and the client. AIM allows authorised users to track any incidents 24 hours a day from any location, and to monitor progress of the incident through to closure.

As well as enabling clients to enhance and measure their service delivery, the Axis e-Connect platform also gives employees easy access to real time information relating to various aspects of their own work, and helps empower them with regards to crucial areas such as payroll, rostering, and annual leave requests and approvals.

Another key area for employees is Acumen – a bespoke e-Learning platform. Acumen offers more than a hundred courses covering various aspects of security from entry level to senior management. This online training supplements Axis Security’s own face-to-face training to create a ‘blended’ approach to staff development. The flexibility of the online portal allows site-specific training to be tailored in response to incidents and changing client needs. Acumen also offers a range of personal development courses so that security officers can realise their potential in areas outside of their careers.

Axis Security’s compliance audits are now logged using a bespoke app. Following completion of the site’s audit the reports are held centrally on the e-Audits portal. The reports are automatically emailed to the relevant client, account management team and the operations director, giving them real time information whilst removing the reliance on paper-based reporting.

David Mundell, Managing Director of Axis Security, says that the investment in the new platform has been substantial: “Feedback from the pilot project has been key to refining Axis e-Connect and making further improvements based on real situations,” he says. “The platform is now being rolled out to all of our clients and we are actively encouraging them to adopt it as part of their daily routine.”

David Mundell believes that the new platform gives Axis Security a genuine point of difference for a service that has become largely commoditised: “Guarding has come under pressure from procurement with little perceived value beyond man hours on site, and the result is often squeezed margins,” he says.

“At Axis Security we have always tried to bring value to our contracts, whether it be in meaningful benefits packages for the officers to foster great motivation or investing in our strong management team. The development of Axis e-Connect is yet a further sign of our commitment to our clients, employees and the wider security industry to improve standards and best practice.”

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