Our August Employee of the Month Winner is...

Congratulations to Mark Waite, Security Officer based at Trident Park, Cardiff, for winning Employee of the Month.

On Sunday 26th July when Mark’s colleague arrived to relieve him from his shift, Mark noticed his colleague did not look well and believed he was not well enough to continue his shift.

Mark suggested his colleague return home and seek medical attention and that Mark would remain on site, until another colleague could be found to relieve him. His colleague however, was adamant he was fine to carry on. Mark, with a strong intuition that his colleague was really unwell, had the presence of mind to override his colleague’s desire to continue working and telephoned the colleagues’ family to apprise them of the situation and advise medical attention was immediately required.

Mindful of his duty to keep Axis informed, Mark referred the matter to the Axis Duty Manager, explaining his decision and requesting back up relief whilst remaining on site. In the meantime, a family member arrived on site to take the colleague home. His colleague was taken to hospital by ambulance to receive immediate surgery for a life-threatening medical condition.

Mark’s calm and professional approach could have saved his colleagues life.

We would also like to acknowledge our other outstanding nominations:

  • Samuel Broadley, Mobile Supervisor - Maltby, nominated by Jason Brown, Regional Manager.

  • Shane Carroll (The Helicon Building) nominated by Dilwyn Evans, Account Manager.

  • Lawrence Houghland and Mark Dalziel (Gloucester Business Park) nominated by Lee Sawyer, Account Support Manager and David Trigg, Site Security Manager.

  • Pete Royle, Zahid Chopdat, Oscar Stankowski, Mariusz Gabrys (The Printworks) nominated by David Kendall, Regional Manager.

Many thanks to all those who were nominated.

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