Our June Employee of the Month Winner is...

We have three winners from two sites this month. Congratulations to Aaron Morgan, Alieu Secka, and Raymond Paterson, Security Officers.

Aaron Morgan, Security Officer and Alieu Secka, Security Officer. Nominated by Riaz Malin, Account Support Manager.

On the 18th of June, a male was seen standing next to the railings of a bridge that stretches out over a canal.

Aaron left the Security gatehouse to approach him to establish what he was doing. Upon asking the man why he was on-site, the male began to break down and cry. He told Aaron that he wanted to kill himself and that he was fed up with his life. Aaron remained calm and focused, talking to him whilst also alerting the Site Supervisor, Alieu Secka, of the incident.

Both officers then worked together to take control of the situation. They successfully managed to talk the male down off the railings, bringing him into the security gatehouse where Emergency Services were then called.

Police arrived onsite and detained him under the Mental Health act. Their fast thinking saved the man’s life.

Well done Aaron and Alieu!

Raymond Paterson, Security Officer. Nominated by Graeme Femister, Regional Manager.

Raymond witnessed a woman walking down the ramp to gain entry to the rail site. The woman proceeded to walk through the main gates and Raymond asked if she was okay. When she ignored him and proceeded to walk onto the site, he took his radio and phone, approaching her to ascertain her reason for being there. It quickly became apparent that she was in major distress, crying, clenching her fists, and shaking.

Raymond talked to the woman, asking her questions while radioing the site production manager to alert them of a possible suicide attempt.

The woman then stepped onto the side of the tracks where she stopped. Raymond continued to reassure her, calming her down.

Site staff members then approached and the woman was walked off the side of the tracks. Emergency services were called and took her to safety.

Raymond’s fast thinking and calm nature saved what could have been a fatality.

Steven Greenall, Contract Manager, commented: “Raymond did an excellent job in diffusing what could have been a fatal outcome.”

Well done Raymond!

Special mention:

  • Anna Gibson-Smith, Security Officer, nominated by Neil Wilcox, Assistant Account Manager.

  • Charles Abaraodoh, Security Officer. Nominated by Dilwyn Evans, Account Manager.

  • Lee Newman, Senior Security Officer. Nominated by Neil Leversidge, Site Security Manager.

  • Stephen Lowe, Security Officer. Nominated by Lee Sawyer, Account Support Manager – South West & Wales.

  • Gary Underwood, Security Officer. Nominated by Patrick Cummings, North East Senior Supervisor.

  • Lee Holtzhausen, Security Manager. Nominated by Tom Jacob, Account Manager

  • Marco Brown, Security Officer. Nominated by Hassan Imtiaz, Assistant Account Manager.

  • James Kassim, Security Manager. Nominated by Tom Jacob, Account Manager.

  • Charles Abaraodoh, Security Officer. Nominated by Dilwyn Evans, Account Manager

  • Jermaine Duncan, Security Officer. Nominated by Dilwyn Evans, Account Manager

  • Barry Crowther, Security Officer. Nominated by Jason Brown, Regional Manager

Many thanks to all those who were nominated and congratulations to the winners.

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