Our March Employee of the Month Winner is...

Congratulations to Security Officer, Mark Davis, for winning Employee of the Month.

On the evening of the 26th February, Mark reported a driver who had passed out while driving on site. The driver had hit another vehicle before hitting a western power box, causing a large fire involving the vehicle and the power box. He managed to free the driver from the vehicle while it was burning. This incident caused the whole site and surrounding areas to lose power. Mark dealt with the emergency services in an extremely professional manner, helping to clear the site of visitors and employees.

Thankfully, Mark was not injured and the driver was treated by paramedics.

Jo Pullin, Regional Facilities Manager (Savills UK)

Mark acted very bravely by removing the person from the car. We are extremely grateful for Marks actions last night in particular rescuing the driver from the vehicle whilst there was a fire developing under the bonnet.

Please note that due to the current circumstances, we are not able to receive the Red Letter Days Vouchers at the moment. These will be sent to the winner as soon as possible.

We had several amazing nominations sent in for March and would like to acknowledge these officers for their level of service excellence:

· Moulid Farah (1-5 London Wall) nominated by Saeed Hassan

· Omar Mbrauka (Witan Gate House) nominated by Hassan Imtiaz

· Geoff Cuthbert (Leeds Beckett University Headingly Campus) nominated by Jason Brown

· Phil Eaton Senior (Manchester Business Park) nominated by Sue Hargreaves

· Abdul Elmi (101 Victoria Street) nominated by Pauline Dalziel

· Abubakar Bostan (HTC Park Row) nominated by Jason Brown

Many thanks to all those who were nominated.

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