Our March Employee of the Month Winner is...

We have two deserving winners this month. Congratulations to Delvin Hogan, Support Officer and Gas Ali, Security Officer.

Gas Ali, Security Officer. Nominated by Richard Goudie, Senior Associate via Laura McCall, Axis Key Account Director.

After contractors had left a back door open against former instructions, a fight between a street gang broke out at the rear of the premises. The victim of the assault ran into the building for refuge. Upon realising the issue, Gas immediately put the building into an emergency lockdown to prevent the gang from entering and causing serious injury to the victim.

Richard Goudie, Senior Associate, commented:

“Gas was quick thinking and took action in response to the situation, which helped secure the premises and prevented serious harm to an individual who sought refuge.”

Delvin Hogan, Support Officer. Nominated by Nichola Stokes, Security Manager via Dilwyn Evans, Account Manager.

The car park/loading bay on-site has very limited space to manoeuvre and has multiple height restrictions due to low ceilings, ducting and sprinklers. Therefore, even on a quiet day, it’s a challenge for the garage officers to park vehicles. Due to major contractor works on-site, Delvin has had to deal with multiple vehicles often arriving at the same time. He kept the entrance clear and avoided the road becoming blocked to other buildings and road users, and calmly and safely assisted the drivers directing them into tight spaces, all while avoiding columns and pipework.

Nichola Stokes, Security Manager, Comments:

“Delvin has truly been a shining star this month and deserves to be recognised for all his hard work and support to the team.”

We would also like to acknowledge the following:

  • David Trigg, nominated by Hugh Harkins, Regional Manager.

  • Geoff Cuthbert, Raheem Ahmed, and Barry John Wilson, nominated by Michael Jones, Operations Support Manager.

Many thanks to all those who were nominated and congratulations to the winners.

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