Our May Employee of the Month Winner is...

We have two winners this month. Congratulations to Stephen Hall, Security Officer, and Luke Radford, Security Manager.

Luke Radford, Security Manager, nominated by Tom Pacey, Account Manager.

Luke had just closed up the main door to the building when he found a suspicious package in the garden space. He proceeded to apply the HOT protocol and contacted the City of London Police, who were on-site within minutes. They also deemed it suspicious and set up a cordon, along with Luke and his team assisting to clear the immediate area. A few moments later, officers arrived, closed footpaths and stopped traffic.

A controlled explosion was carried out on the package and the bomb squad carried out forensic analysis.

Andrew Simmons, Building Manager, comments: “Luke again has been outstanding!”

Well done Luke!

Stephen Hall, Security Officer. nominated by David Shaw, Security Supervisor and Daniel Naimi, Account Support Manager.

On the 17th May, Stephen was patrolling the shopping centre when he came across a woman who didn’t look well. Stephen asked her if she was ok to which she replied no, fell to the floor, and began having seizures. Stephen called the supervisor over the radio to inform him of what was happening and he immediately made his way to the scene where they called for an ambulance.

The lady had several seizures and the left side of her face had dropped. Stephen used his first aid skills to make her comfortable and offered reassurance. The lady came around and explained that she suffers from non-epileptic seizures and it was normal for the left side of her face to drop. Paramedics arrived and took the lady to the ambulance. Half an hour later she was back on her feet and reunited with her son.

David Shaw, Security Supervisor, commented: “I would like to commend Stephen on his actions that ensured the lady remained safe and comfortable whilst help arrived."

Well done Stephen!

Special mention:

Jane McNish, Security Officer. Jane has worked tirelessly since joining Axis Security in March. She has helped collate all of the information during TUPE consultations, implemented new rotas, reviewed and updated the assignment instructions and SOPs.

We would also like to acknowledge the following people:

  • Lee Turner, Security Officer, nominated by Paddy Cummings, North East Senior Supervisor

  • Mark Forster, Relief Officer, nominated by Paddy Cummings, North East Senior Supervisor

  • Saqib Hanif, Security Officer, Nominated by Chris Jennings, Operations Support Manager

  • Anthony Brennan, Northwest Account Support Officer, nominated by Daniel Naimi, Account Support Manager

  • Jason Atkinson, Security Officer, nominated by Lee Sawyer, Account Support Manager

Many thanks to all those who were nominated and congratulations to the winners.

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