Our November Employee of the Month Winner is...

Congratulations to two of our employees, Security Officers - Abdirizak Mohamud and Kieon Waugh.

Abdirizak Mohamud, Security Officer, nominated by Axis Account Manager, Tom Jacob

Abdirizak was on duty when he identified three youths cycling around aimlessly on York Road from his vehicle access position. He noticed the behaviour was not the norm within this area and identified that the group kept following the public with electronic devices. He alerted the Security Inspector, who then proceeded to act and overheard them talking about snatching phones. The group saw security and dispersed. Abdirizak’s ability to recognise suspicious behaviour and fast actions prevented the theft of a phone on the edge of the estate.

Aaron Barker, Security Inspector, commented:

“Abdirizak has been impressing since his incorporation into the team. He goes about his duties in a calm and professional manner with an eagerness to learn.”

Kieon Waugh, Security Officer, nominated by Account Support Manager, Lee Sawyer.

The Building Manager usually onsite had to work from home as a precaution pending test results. During this time, Kieon stepped up and dealt with a myriad of issues including a floor flooding and the ceiling below falling down as a result.

He comfortably took action with an exceptional level of service, professionalism and calm to resolve issues, while keeping the Building Manager up to date at all times. Kieon received several compliments from both tenants and other contractors working on site.

Client, Katie Hawkins, Building Manager, commented:

“While Kieon has always been a good member of staff, this last week he has been exceptional. I cannot overstate how impressed I am and grateful to have him as a member of my team.”

We received a lot of great nominations this month and we would also like to acknowledge the following:

  • Mohammed Sattar, nominated by Laura McCall (Key Account Director)

  • Abdul Shaikh, nominated by Ben Bishop (Account Manager)

  • Peter Nesbitt, nominated by Gary Watkin (Regional Director)

  • Adam Holmes, nominated by Patrick Cummings (North East Senior Supervisor)

  • Petrus Filip, nominated by John Sephton (Account Director)

  • Liaqat Ismaeel, nominated by Gary Wilkes (Regional Manager)

  • Andrew Spence, Relief Officer, nominated by Gary Wilkes (Regional Manager)

  • Trevor Benton, nominated by John Sephton (Account Director)

  • Tariq Aziz , nominated by Adam Milton (Assistant Account Manager)

  • Robert Naylor, nominated by Chris Jennings (Operations Support Manager)

  • Smart Tembo, nominated by Daniel Naimi (Account Support Manager)

  • Abdi Salaad, , nominated by Hassan Imtiaz (Assistant Account Manager)

  • Raheem Ahmed, nominated by Michael Jones (Operations Support Manager) and Jason Brown (Regional Manager)

Many thanks to all those who were nominated and congratulations to the winner.

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