Our September Employee of the Month Winner is...

Congratulations to Abdul Munim Khan, Security Officer based at 52 Lime Street, London, for winning Employee of the Month.

Abdul was making his way to 52 Lime Street for a day shift on a Sunday when he noticed a lady in distress and crying on the pavement. She told him she was giving birth and wouldn't be able make it to hospital in time.

He immediately called the ambulance but was informed there would be a 15 – 20-minute delay. The operator guided him on what to do to comfort the lady and with no hesitation, he rolled up his 'work shirt' sleeves and safely delivered the baby, ensuring its head was fully supported until help arrived.

The ambulance came afterward and cut the umbilical cord. The lady and the ambulance paramedics were so grateful and thanked him for his heroic and selfless action. Abdul also managed to get a video clip later of the lady holding her new-born baby!

Abdul took this eventful start to the day in his stride as he managed to make it to work on time and continued as if nothing happened.

We would also like to acknowledge our other outstanding nominations:

  • Prince Mensah, nominated by Daniel Naimi, Account Support Manager

  • Alexander Takyi, nominated by Chris Jennings, Operations Support Manager

Many thanks to all those who were nominated and congratulations to the winner.

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