Service Excellence Award - May Winner!

Momodou Badjie, Security Officer, is Axis Security's May Service Excellence Award winner.

Following a client reporting a series of residential break-ins at their premises which is divided into residential and commercial premises, Axis were awarded the contract in the hopes of preventing further burglaries.

With knowledge of the client's previous break-ins, Axis Security officer, Momodou Badjie, reviewed the CCTV and memorised the offender’s facial features. A short time after, he recognised the same male outside the premises. Although alone, Momodou called the police and gave chase after the offender. The police who were quickly on scene helped give pursuit and caught the male a short distance away.

The offender transpired to have broken into many of the high value and prestigious premises in Hanover square including the Head offices for Vogue magazine. After a successful court trial in which Momodou gave evidence, the offender was given a 2 year custodial sentence for the burglaries to our clients building and surrounding premises.

Commendation was given to Momodou for his diligence in taking an active interest in the researching and recognising the offender. He is also commended for his bravery in giving chase and detaining this offender supported by police as he was integral in achieving the successful prosecution.