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Axis Security’s experience encompasses a broad range of contrasting environments which include office buildings, shopping centres, business parks, and industrial estates.

Axis Security can positively manage relationships and day-to-day needs providing a safe and secure working environment for a property's tenants, visitors and stakeholders.



From banks and insurance to corporate HQs and legal firms, Axis Security has a wealth of experience working with these organisations across the UK, including an established presence in the City of London and London Docklands.

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Axis Security is one of the country’s leading security specialists to organisations within this niche sector. Our employees receive specialist training to ensure that in addition to their security duties, they deliver exceptional customer service when dealing with members of the public.

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Axis Security can provide a strong and reliable security service, ensuring clients' data centres remain secure and fully operational 24/7. 

Because data centres hold sensitive or proprietary information, such as customer data or intellectual property, sites have to be both digitally and physically secured. To ensure maximum data security, Axis security officers can provide round the clock surveillance by monitoring CCTV and carrying out internal and external patrols to ensure data is never at risk of damage or theft.

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Through the selection and training of the correct personnel, Axis Security can help make retail parks and shopping centres safe, yet welcoming environments.

Axis Security officers not only provide a visible deterrent when patrolling public spaces, but they are also trained to deal with various issues that may be encountered in a retail environment, from dealing with lost children or antisocial behaviour, to theft and medical emergencies. Our experience in this sector enables us to provide loss prevention solutions and security officers trained to handle any situation that may arise while ensuring a safe, secure and pleasant shopping experience.

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As well as providing a secure environment for client employees and goods, our security officers are often the first and last point of contact for vehicles and their cargos and, therefore, their duties can include the operation of weighbridge facilities, computerised access/egress systems and the supervision of robust health and safety regimes. 

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Vehicle control, health and safety and loss prevention are but a few of the challenges faced by our employees working within this sector. At Axis Security, we work closely with our clients to devise a security solution that is both relevant and robust in providing maximum industrial security.



Whether the facility is a school, college or university, Axis Security will tailor an effective security solution to enhance the learning environment and keep pupils, parents, teaching staff and visitors safe and secure. 


We work with our clients to understand their requirements, culture, and expectations and always provide relevantly skilled and experienced security personnel.​​

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